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Research has shown that adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, are more common for children in Arkansas than any other place in the nation. Children who have endured one or more ACEs are at a greater risk for health complications as they age, but they are also at a greater risk of struggling in school and social settings. Students with adverse childhood experiences or childhood trauma can benefit immensely from teachers and administrators who work through a trauma-informed lens. Just one caring adult can change a child’s life.

In order to implement trauma-informed practices in schools, we must first change our perspectives surrounding trauma. This course aims to create a paradigm shift in school personnel by discussing the biological ways trauma impacts the brains and bodies of growing students, then increasing understanding and empathy for students who have endured childhood trauma and adversity. It will also compel educators to ask different questions, be curious, and engage with students using a new mindset.

By taking this course, school personnel, counselors, nurses, and administrators can better understand how to lead trauma-informed practices within any school setting. While we learn that being trauma-informed is crucial in leading a successful educational experience, we also discuss just how important it is to take care of yourself. Because having empathy and compassion can be exhausting, this course highlights forms of self-care and self-compassion to ensure that you’re providing a healthy environment for your students.


This series covers the eight curriculum modules developed through a partnership with ADE, UCA, Metova Federal, and the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center.

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ArkansasIDEAS offers a 45-hour Arkansas History Program of Study designed to serve as a DESE-approved alternative to the three college credits required for some initial Arkansas Educator’s licenses. Read more about the Arkansas History Program of Study here.

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2021 Arkansas PBS KIDS Writers Contest Winners

We’re excited to announce the winners of the 2021 Arkansas PBS KIDS Writers Contest! Students in grades K-3 across Arkansas submitted 155 entries for this year’s contest, and all 14 winning stories will be available to read online at beginning Friday, June 4. See who won and learn more after the jump!

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