ArkansasIDEAS offers a wide variety of resources to support educators in the classroom, including Arkansas PBS video productions and educational materials, as well as access to PBS resources and technology trainings. There is something to benefit every classroom teacher.

Video Resources

Teaching to Close the Opportunity Gap: Let Them Know

Stacey McAdoo, 2019 Arkansas Teacher of the Year, shares deep insights about why and how she provides opportunities for young people to creatively pursue and express their ideas, addressing the opportunity gaps that exist for marginalized students and showing us how personalized, connective teaching helps students find authentic learning and growth.

Coaching Self-Expression

Arkansas 2019 Teacher of the Year Stacey McAdoo illustrates her relationship-based approach to nurturing self-expression in her students.

Suicide Prevention - Looking Deeper

According to the Jason Foundation, four out of five teens display warning signs before they attempt suicide. In most cases, however, the seeds of trauma that brought them to that place were planted much earlier.

Human Trafficking: Arkansas Act 765 of 2017 - Arkansas Cases

Teachers and other school faculty members are uniquely positioned to recognize when a student may have been exploited and trafficked for something of monetary value, and Arkansas is not immune to this form of modern-day slavery.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest: When Seconds Count

Most student athletes are the picture of good health, but any seemingly healthy student could suffer from sudden cardiac arrest and when they do, seconds count. The good news is that with timely intervention sudden cardiac arrest is highly survivable.

Arkansans Ask: Common Core

This special episode of "Arkansans Ask" covers Arkansas’s Common Core State Standards.

"What is a Presidential Library?" Tour

Presidential Libraries are archives and museums, bringing together the documents and artifacts of a President and his Administration and presenting them to the public for study and discussion.

Common Core - Part 3

Explores the views and opinions of those for and against the new K-12 curriculum, Common Core.

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PBS TeacherLine

PBS TeacherLine is one of many ways that Arkansas PBS and ArkansasIDEAS supports the professional development needs of Arkansas educators. Funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, PBS TeacherLine offers research-driven and standards-based professional development through facilitated, online courses and collaborative learning communities. These opportunities are designed to help PreK-12 teachers acquire the skills they need to prepare students for successful futures.

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PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia empowers PreK-13+ educators to reimagine classroom learning, transform teaching, and creatively engage students. PBS LearningMedia is the go-to destination for instant access to tens of thousands of classroom-ready, digital resources including videos, games, audio clips, photos, lesson plans, and more.

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LinkedIn Learning Technology Trainings

You can access technology training and more on LinkedIn Learning through ArkansasIDEAS! With unlimited access to a library of high-quality instructional videos on the latest software tools and skills, and with more than 3,700 technology trainings led by industry experts, LinkedIn Learning is designed for all levels of learners and is available whenever you are ready to learn.

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