Administrative Reporting

ArkansasIDEAS offers district administrators the ability to generate reports for your users' activity within our Learning Management System (LMS). This dashboard provides opportunities to view reports on specific courses or user activity and records.

Please read through our frequently asked questions below and feel free to contact the ArkansasIDEAS team with any feedback.

Can anyone have access? How do I get access for myself or others in my organization?

District superintendents must approve access to the Administrative Reporting Dashboard. Superintendents will need to contact the ArkansasIDEAS team using the information below. When requesting access for others in your organization, please be prepared to provide both their role and the LEA they are assigned to.

Please note: Once access has been given, the Administrative Reporting Dashboard will become visible under the Home tab on the left-hand side of your account. Training materials will also be available on the dashboard.

How do I know I am seeing all users in my organization within the reports I pull?

The best way to guarantee you are seeing all users in your organization will be for both yourself and your users to check the accuracy of and/or update their organization in the ArkansasIDEAS LMS using the Profile Quick Edit Tool located on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Please note: When choosing your organization, the hierarchy starts with the Arkansas Department of Education at the top and breaks down among Co-ops, then districts, to individual LEA identified school buildings.

Can I download and save the reports that I pull?

All reports can be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using a button located at the top of each report. Once downloaded, reports can be saved to your computer.

How often do records update?

Although there could be minor delays of up to sixty seconds, all reports should return the latest data available when the report is run.

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