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Be the Reason: The Educator's Role in Combating Child Maltreatment
Laws have evolved along with awareness of human rights, including the rights of minors, with increased protections for children and youth from harmful situations. Often children may not be able to put their experiences into words, or may not know they deserve safety and the fulfillment of basic human needs. Children may rely on adults outside the family to stand up for them. This is where educators and school personnel serve a vital role in our society: to watch over and shield our children and youth.

In this course, Sherry Williamson, Child Abuse Project Coordinator at the Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence, shares personal stories and professional insights that compel Arkansas educators and school staff to move beyond the discomfort that comes with facing hard realities. This fully narrated and interactive training features scenarios drawn from real-life experiences. We glean first-hand insights from Arkansas leaders who work to combat crimes against children. Armed with awareness, knowledge, and a sense of higher purpose, Arkansas educators and school personnel can be resolved in their convictions to “be the reason” children, youth, and families survive and thrive.

This course meets the requirements of Act 1236 of 2011 for the 2021-22 school year.
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