Water Safety


Information for Parents and Caregivers in Arkansas

Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe around beaches, rivers, lakes, pools, and more. Here, you will find resources that teach you and your loved ones how to have fun in the water while staying safe.

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Water Safety Videos

Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe around water environments like beaches, rivers, lakes, and pools.


Swimming Lessons and Life Jackets Save Lives!


Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons can save your child's life! They are often offered at city pools, the YMCA, universities, some hospitals and gyms, and other local businesses. Ask your child's school where to find swimming lessons in your area!

Swimming Lessons Resources >

Life Jackets

Wearing a life jacket when around natural bodies of water is an important part of water safety. But do you know how to choose which life jacket is needed, and how to make sure they fit? Check out these resources to learn more!

Life Jackets Information >

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