Tackling Heat Illness

Arkansas summers are hot, and according to the National Weather Service, the days are likely to become hotter. Consequently, exertional heat illnesses are a valid concern for coaches, trainers, parents, and students who participate in summer activities such as practices and competitions. The most severe exertional heat illness is exertional heat stroke which is 100 percent survivable with proper and quick response. These videos will discuss the dangers of heat, the proper methods of prevention, and most importantly, how to recognize and treat exertional heat illnesses should they occur.

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The Ballad of Hunter Midkiff

Hunter Midkiff, a junior at Piggot High School, died on August 15, 2020, as a result of exertional heatstroke. You will hear his story and how his death has impacted those who knew and loved him.

Additional Videos

Our host, Krista Bradley, and our expert, Dr. Michael Israel, Pediatric Sports Medicine for Arkansas Children's Hospital and UAMS, discuss ways to recognize and treat exertional heat illnesses as well as ways to prevent them altogether. He also shares the effect that heat has on the body, the proper way to measure the heat, and the steps to take that can save a life.