Teaching Cybersecurity with the Arkansas Range

This series will cover the eight curriculum modules developed through a partnership with ADE, UCA, Metova Federal, and the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center. It is the intent of the course to present learners with a series of real-world challenges that will illustrate the practical, operational, and ethical issues of working in this kind of space.

Module 3: Traffic Shaping and Manipulation

In this course we look at the tools used by network administrators and analysts to secure a network by monitoring and controlling its traffic. We begin by learning the basics of firewalls and their placement in a network. In the firewall lab, we experiment with the creation and order of firewall rules. Next, we discuss some common types of proxies and how they operate to keep a network secure. We continue by exploring the differences between an IDS and an IPS. Finally, we investigate the tools Snort and BASE and how they help with packet capture and analysis.


Lesson One

(Segment 1 of 5)
Firewall Lab 
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Lesson Two

Nmap and Zenmap 
(Segment 4 of 5)
Asset Management 
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