Teaching Cybersecurity with the Arkansas Range

This series will cover the eight curriculum modules developed through a partnership with ADE, UCA, Metova Federal, and the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center. It is the intent of the course to present learners with a series of real-world challenges that will illustrate the practical, operational, and ethical issues of working in this kind of space.

Module 5: Windows Hosts

There are several methods for securing a Windows machine, but one of the most critical is making sure each system has proper account management principles in place. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to follow best practices when it comes to account management, putting their systems and data at risk. Prepare to learn how Microsoft Active Directory can be used to help an organization establish consistent policies, some of the best practices regarding account management, and general Windows host security.


Lesson One

Introduction to Windows Hosts 
(Segment 1 of 7)
Active Directory 
(Segment 2 of 7)
Policy and Account Management
(Segment 3 of 7)

Lesson Two

Application Whitelisting
(Segment 4 of 7)
Network Security
(Segment 5 of 7)
Local Encryption
(Segment 6 of 7)
Privilege Escalation
(Segment 7 of 7)