Teaching Cybersecurity with the Arkansas Range

This series will cover the eight curriculum modules developed through a partnership with ADE, UCA, Metova Federal, and the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center. It is the intent of the course to present learners with a series of real-world challenges that will illustrate the practical, operational, and ethical issues of working in this kind of space.

Module 6: Linux Hosts

Christopher Wright of Citadel Systems shares the history of UNIX and Linux and its development through time. He also discusses popular distributions such as Red Hat and Ubuntu and why they are attractive to different users. The LAMP stack and software management tools such as APT and YUM are also explored. Then Mr. Wright gives an overview of some of the lab activities included in this module.


Lesson One

Introduction to Linux Hosts
(Segment 1 of 6)
In the Beginning
(Segment 2 of 6)
GNU/Linux History and Use
(Segment 3 of 6)

Lesson Two

Linux Install and Setup Considerations
(Segment 4 of 6)
Ubuntu Linux Setup and Install
(Segment 5 of 6)
Security Hardening
(Segment 6 of 6)