Teaching Cybersecurity with the Arkansas Range

This series will cover the eight curriculum modules developed through a partnership with ADE, UCA, Metova Federal, and the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center. It is the intent of the course to present learners with a series of real-world challenges that will illustrate the practical, operational, and ethical issues of working in this kind of space.

Module 8: Forensics

Network administrators can prevent most attacks on a network, but when an incident occurs, their response to the incident is critical. After an event has occurred, critical strategies for event detection, system logging and monitoring, and analysis of network traffic all need to work together to resolve the incident and shore up network defenses. From knowing normal to constructing the timeline of a security incident, the Forensics module ties together all of the best practices from previous modules in the series.


Lesson One

(Segment 1 of 4)
Detecting Attacks, Hosts and Networks
(Segment 2 of 4)
Analyzing Network Traffic
(Segment 3 of 4)
Constructing a Timeline
(Segment 4 of 4)